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M.B.A. in Healthcare Management vs. M.H.A.: Planning the Way to Healthcare Leadership

Healthcare Executive and Doctor speakingWhile both a Master of Healthcare Administration (M.H.A.) and an M.B.A. in Healthcare Management prepare students for healthcare leadership roles, there are notable differences between the two programs in terms of focus and outcomes.

An M.H.A. program’s specialized curriculum is typically focused solely on healthcare administration, covering topics such as healthcare policy, finance, and quality improvement. On the other hand, an M.B.A. in Healthcare Management provides a foundational business education and equips students with leadership skills while featuring specialized healthcare management courses. Additionally, an M.B.A. program may appeal to individuals seeking flexibility in their studies, as online learning options for M.B.A.s are becoming increasingly common.

M.B.A. in Healthcare Management vs. M.H.A.

M.B.A. vs. M.H.A.: Degree Overview
M.B.A. in Healthcare Management M.H.A.
  • Covers advanced business principles and the dynamics of healthcare management
  • Provides foundational business knowledge so graduates can work in any sector
  • Provides comprehensive understanding of the healthcare industry and its intricacies
  • Focuses strictly on shaping leaders in healthcare
Example Courses
  • Financial accounting
  • Operations management
  • Healthcare economics
  • Healthcare management
  • Healthcare informatics
  • Ethics in healthcare
Common Careers
  • Healthcare administrator
  • Healthcare consultant
  • Healthcare services manager
  • CEO (any field)
  • Healthcare administrator
  • Healthcare department manager
  • Healthcare policy analyst
  • Hospital CEO

Curriculum Overview

What is an M.B.A. in Healthcare Management?

An M.B.A. in Healthcare Management gives students the skills needed to succeed in the healthcare sector and traditional businesses environments. By gaining specialized knowledge in advanced business principles and healthcare management, graduates emerge with the expertise and versatility to navigate the complexities of healthcare administration and drive positive organizational change.

These programs offer the dynamic curriculum of a traditional M.B.A. and specific courses that cover the evolving demands of the healthcare industry. For example, an M.B.A. in Healthcare Management program might include core M.B.A. courses such as financial accounting, managerial economics, and operations management as well as specialized healthcare management courses like healthcare resource management and health economics.

M.B.A. programs, including ones specialized in healthcare administration, often typically prioritize practical application. Coursework may incorporate case studies, simulations, and industry projects, which enable students to gain real-world insights and build valuable professional networks with their peers. Through a blend of theoretical and applied knowledge, students develop the skills necessary to excel in management within the healthcare sector and beyond.

Master of Healthcare Administration

Similar to M.B.A.s in Healthcare Management, Master of Healthcare Administration programs are designed to mold adept healthcare leaders. However, where a healthcare M.B.A. incorporates general business education, an M.H.A.’s curriculum is specifically designed to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of the healthcare sector.

Core courses typically cover fundamental topics such as healthcare management, finance, policy, and ethics. These foundational elements may be supplemented by tracks or electives that cover specialized areas such as healthcare informatics, quality improvement, or strategic leadership. M.H.A. programs frequently incorporate experiential learning such as internships, capstone projects, or fieldwork in order to provide real-world exposure and hands-on skill development.

Career Outcomes

M.B.A. in Healthcare Management Careers

Professionals with an M.B.A. in Healthcare Management are primed for a multitude of rewarding career paths within the dynamic healthcare sector. Armed with a strong foundation in general business administration and specialized healthcare management, they are poised to excel in leadership roles across various healthcare organizations and related industries.

Healthcare leaders and managers are instrumental in driving strategic initiatives, optimizing operational efficiency, and ensuring the delivery of high-quality healthcare services. M.B.A. in Healthcare Management graduates are well-positioned to make meaningful contributions to healthcare organizations, address industry challenges, and lead transformative change in the pursuit of improved patient outcomes and organizational success.

Healthcare M.B.A. Jobs and Their Salaries
Job Title Median Annual Salary
Healthcare Administrator $109,750
Healthcare Consultant $99,311
Healthcare Services Manager $109,750
CEO $178,612

Source: Lightcast, 2024

Master of Healthcare Administration (M.H.A.) Careers

An M.H.A. opens up a diverse array of career opportunities within the healthcare industry. Graduates of M.H.A. programs are prepared to pursue leadership roles in various healthcare settings such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Healthcare consulting firms
  • Government agencies
  • Non-profit organizations

By obtaining a comprehensive understanding of healthcare systems, organizational management, financial principles, and regulatory compliance, individuals with an M.H.A. can play instrumental roles in improving the efficiency, quality, and accessibility of healthcare services. M.H.A. graduates may choose to specialize in areas such as healthcare informatics, health policy, healthcare quality improvement, or healthcare finance, further expanding their career and growth opportunities.

M.H.A. Jobs and Their Salaries
Job Title Median Annual Salary
Healthcare Administrator $109,750
Healthcare Department Manager $109,750
Healthcare Policy Analyst $99,311
CEO $178,612

Source: Lightcast, 2024

The Flex M.B.A. Program at MTSU

The Flex M.B.A. program with a Healthcare Management concentration from Middle Tennessee State University offers a unique and compelling opportunity for individuals hoping to advance their careers in the healthcare industry. This program combines the flexibility of online learning with a rigorous, comprehensive M.B.A. curriculum, allowing students to acquire essential business and healthcare management skills without sacrificing their professional and personal commitments.

About MTSU and Jones College of Business

Located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Middle Tennessee State University delivers a unique blend of world-class education, personal attention, and value to over 20,000 students. MTSU is the top choice for Tennessee transfer students, the biggest provider of graduates to the Greater Nashville-area economy, and the home of the state’s largest adult degree program. Princeton Review ranks MTSU among the 388 Best Colleges and one of the Best Regional Colleges in 2023. As the home of the Charlie and Hazel Daniels Veterans and Military Family Center and the state’s first VetSuccess On-Campus program, the University has a reputation for welcoming current and former service members.

MTSU’s Jennings A. Jones College of Business is among the top 1.5% business schools in the world with Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) accreditation in both accounting and business.

Our faculty of award-winning educators, researchers, and entrepreneurs provide students with cutting-edge education in management, finance, big-data tools, and business communication.

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